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Tianjin Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a backbone enterprise in the manufacture of large and medium horsepower wheeled tractors in my country (hereinafter referred to as Tiantuo Company). Founded in 1956, it has a history of 66 years and a registered capital of 225.3253 million yuan. The main production and operation of large, medium and small horsepower tractors, corn harvesters, semi-feeding rice harvesters and other types of harvesting machinery. With independent intellectual property rights and famous trademarks, it is an agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprise with outstanding innovation ability and strong core competitiveness. In December 1996, it was restructured into Tianjin Tractor
  • 1951
    Tianjin Automobile Manufacturing Factory [the predecessor of Tianjin Tractor Manufacturing Factory] manufactured the first automobile in my country: This is a grand event on the way to the municipal party committee to vote for happiness.
  • 1953
    Chairman Mao inspected Tianjin Automobile Assembly Factory (the predecessor of Tianjin Tractor Factory) on February 26, 1953. The picture shows the director Li Yusheng (right) accompanying the inspection.
  • 1956
    January 1, 1956 Tianjin Tractor Manufacturing Factory was formally established
  • 1957
    Our factory customized the development direction of tractors, and in 1958 made the first batch of domestic wheeled horsepower tractors in my country. Contributed to the start-up stage of my country's agricultural machinery industry. The picture shows the 40-type tractor produced at that time at work.
latest news
20/ Nov 2011

In 2011, Zhang Gaoli, secretary of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee, visited the construction of our new factory in Baodi

20/ Nov 2012

Tiantuo Company Baodi Factory

Tiantuo after-sales service team can provide 24 hours/7 days online service, and provide customers with solutions within 1-3 days after customer complaints. Tiantuo always insists on "For the farmers. For the people who work for the farmers. For ourselves. For the future" to provide the best service for all customers.
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