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New four wheel tractor update TTL904 for farm work

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New four wheel tractor update TTL904 for farm work

Jul 29,2022

New  four wheel tractor update TTL904 for farm work. This model number tractor can be provided for different horsepower range 30-300hp. This tractor can be used for different cases of farm working. In the international market, the technical level of our tractors is not very advanced, and the varieties and specifications are not very complete, but they are quite popular in Sri Lanka. This is not only because the Sri Lankan government has put the development of agriculture and striving for food self-sufficiency in the first place in recent years, and the need for agricultural machinery to grow year by year, more importantly, Sri Lanka's agriculture is still very backward, and advanced agricultural machinery in developed countries is not applicable here. China's walking tractors, small diesel engines, sprayers, etc. are the most popular.

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