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Pan always iron cattle love

Dec 20,2023

Pan Shufei, the new helmsman of Tiantuo from Wenling, Zhejiang Province, has been engaged in fishery machinery industry for many years. The company produces more than 100,000 fishery machinery of various kinds, and more than 50% of them are exported to Southeast Asia and other countries or regions. Out of the agricultural machinery industry and the day drag brand optimistic, Pan Lufei angrily took over the day delay and wanted to revive the strong wind.

Some people say that Zhejiang businessmen are full of legendary colors, have created huge wealth from ancient times to now, Zhejiang culture after generations of inheritance, causing the energy of entrepreneurship and innovation constantly affects future generations. "Survival is the king, to do me to do the best!" The character and essence of pragmatic survival, innovation and development, in Pan Lufei body shows incisively and vividly.

Over the years, the day has accumulated rich experience in agricultural machinery production, not only has advanced production equipment, with strong product development, design and manufacturing ability, "iron cow" brand series tractor products also in the national agricultural machinery industry and the majority of farmers enjoy high visibility, with foreign trade autonomy, products are exported to Southeast Asia, South America and other more than 20 countries and regions.

Remodeling "day delay", Pan lost in the chest. "Tianituo will formulate phased plan goals for three years. Through continuous efforts of two to three stages, it will comprehensively grow into a new agricultural machinery enterprise with product sequence, market scale, good brand image, high assets and great impact on the industry, and initially achieve the strategic goals." In recent months, the Zhituo team has been constantly adjusting and running in, not only retaining more than 40 technical backbone and business elites from Zhituo, but also introducing a large number of excellent practitioners to inject the new business philosophy into Zhituo.

"By strengthening cost management, continuously improve its existing products (including five tractor TNA, TNB, TNC, TNE, TNW products and harvesting machinery) and optimize the product process. At the same time, we will further improve the quality of the existing product series and optimize the procurement and sales system." Pan Yufei told reporters that open source attaches equal importance to production and pay attention to flow, emphasizing the principle of market sales orientation, grasp the market trend, while ensuring the improvement of product quality and steady improvement of sales at the same time, to achieve the overall product average gross profit margin to the level of 17-18%.

Then, Tituo will use the idea of "large input and output", strengthen the support of funds for marketing activities, increase marketing efforts and increase market share. Pan Yufei said that from the evolution of the whole sales model of the agricultural machinery industry, as well as the sufficiency of the sales competition, the change of the agricultural machinery 4S store model is a general trend, which can not only enhance the competitiveness of dealers, but also is more conducive to the implementation of the 'iron ox' brand cluster strategy. "The establishment of 4S store is more conducive to the improvement of the accumulation of 'Iron Bull' brand in the traditional market, fundamentally solve the problem of three difficult and slow three guarantees, and effectively make the 'Iron Niu' brand and products closer to the end users."

In August this year, the company held an offline ceremony for a series of new products at the new factory site and launched a driverless tractor. It is reported that the driverless tractor is the first in Tianjin and the first single-antenna unmanned tractor in China. "Moving towards high-end and intelligence is our unremitting goal. Tiantuo will further increase investment in new product research and development, be market-oriented, start from series and refinement, and strive to improve the technical content of products, and initially form a product image with distinctive 'iron ox' characteristics." Pan Lufei said.

It is understood that Tituo currently has 2 standard plants, and the tractor assembly workshop in the new factory covers an area of 16,000 square meters, and the annual output is expected to reach 5,000 units. Pan Yufei expressed the hope that you can further understand the brand advantages, industrial advantages, resource advantages and environmental advantages of Tiantuo Company, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation. Tiantuo will stand on a new historical starting point, comprehensively improve from products, market, industry and other aspects, take the industrialization road of "based on China, cultivating the world", form a Tiantuo model with distinctive characteristics, and finally realize the enterprise vision of "opening the 'iron ox' to the whole world".

Tiantuo after-sales service team can provide 24 hours/7 days online service, and provide customers with solutions within 1-3 days after customer complaints. Tiantuo always insists on "For the farmers. For the people who work for the farmers. For ourselves. For the future" to provide the best service for all customers.
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